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Apropos of Blogfest 2012, happening this week in NYC, we thought we would take a minute to thank some of our favorite bloggers for keeping us so fashionable, by sharing a few great tips/products we’ve learned from the blogosphere:

1)   Add a pop of neon to your summer wardrobe. Audrey recently purchased this DKNY dress – a lively take on a classic black and camel shift dress with a touch of hot pink at the neck. Or, do as A Cup of Jo suggests, and paint your nails in neon for a little flash.

2)   Always struggling with the hair blahs, LDN recently took Element of Style’s recommendation and tried Keihl’s Amino Acid Shampoo and Conditioner. Smells great! And, our hair is noticeably shinier.

3)   While chatting with Stylebeat recently, we learned of Marisa’s slight obsession with patent leather shoes. Us too! Turns out, as Marisa told us, Windex is the best for cleaning patent leather. So practical!

4)   Keep It Chic is our go-to blog for fashion advice, so a while back when Preston and Jennifer posted about CeCe Toppings, LDN had to try a dickey. We love having less bulk under our sweater or cardigan, and the styles and colors are so fun!

5)   Tired of complicated skincare and make-up routines? Try a BB cream by Clinique or Estee Lauder, recommended by Sue of the Zhush.  Multi-tasking BB creams combine skincare ingredients with moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunscreen.  Simplicity and beauty in one small tube?  We are sold!

Images from CeCe Toppings, Elements of Style, Tory Burch, Barneys, The Zhush, DKNY


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